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Our programs and services are aimed helping individuals in a time of need and are based on our core
values, which include treating all with dignity, offering support and opportunity and help to move
people forward.

  • Shelter

    Mission Outreach of NEA, Inc. is a 60-bed emergency shelter for the homeless in a six county region of Northeast Arkansas. The facility, which was built in 1982, has a separate dorm area for men, women and families. The average length of stay in our shelter is 40 days.

  • Soup Kitchen

    An on-site soup kitchen serves 3 meals per day, 365 days per year. The kitchen is staffed by volunteers and residents. Breakfast is served at 6:30 AM, lunch is served at 12 PM and dinner is served at 5 PM. You do not have to be a resident to eat in the soup kitchen as it is open to the public. We serve an average 140 meals per day.

  • Food Pantry

    An on-site food pantry distributes canned goods, fresh fruits, frozen foods and other food items twice a week. Our pantry, which is staffed by volunteers, is open on Monday’s and Thursday’s from 9 AM – 4 PM.  Individuals must meet certain income guidelines and complete minimal paperwork to be eligible for assistance. In 2011, over 5,200 food boxes were distributed through our food pantry.

  • Benevolent Services

    Our benevolent services offer rent, utility, fuel and prescription assistance. Individuals must first qualify and be approved by our benevolent services manager and are eligible for assistance once every 12 months. No cash or checks are ever exchanged as our system works entirely off of vouchers that individuals can use with cooperating providers. Our benevolent services are open from 9 AM – 4 PM each Tuesday and Thursday.

  • Case Management

    Our staff of professionals offer one-on-one case management to all residents. Goals and objectives and determined within 48 hours of check-in and a plan is set in motion to assist an individual achieve those goals and objectives. Individuals are assisted in finding and retaining employment, which is most important to self-sustainability. Individuals meet with case managers on a weekly basis.

  • Support Services

    Other services offered by Mission Outreach of NEA, Inc. include transportation to and from employment (limited time), transportation to and from staffing agencies, social security and other document retrieval assistance, day labor opportunities and more.