Housing the Homeless

Mission Outreach operates an emergency shelter, 365 days a year. Homeless clients of NEA can find a bed, shower, food, and hope all under one roof. Mission Outreach offers job hunting resources, mental health therapy, medication assistance, and much more to each person who claims Mission Outreach as a temporary home.

Feed the Hungry

Mission Outreach runs a soup kitchen 365 days a year as well, offering 3 meals a day. Meal times never vary so people can always count on a meal.

Breakfast is 6 am

Lunch is noon

Dinner is 5 pm

All we ask is that you sign in on the meal sheets for stats purpose.

Benevolent Services

Mission Outreach has many programs available to assist in combating poverty. When funds are available, Mission Outreach can offer utility assistance, food pantry, medication assistance, mental health services, and much more. You must qualify as low income for these programs. Please call 870.236.8080 and speak to staff about how we could offer a bit of hope and help to you and your families here in Greene County. You must have a Greene County  photo ID for these programs.

Next Steps...

Mission Outreach can't continue the fight against poverty and offer our programs without YOUR help. Please consider volunteering or donating TODAY. Call Jackie at 870.236.8080 and ask how you can help today.