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Mission Outreach of Northeast Arkansas, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on Housing the Homeless, Feeding the Hungry and Caring for the Sick.

Our facility is a sixty bed homeless shelter for a six county region in Northeast Arkansas. We also operate a full-time soup kitchen that serves three meals a day, year round, and a full-time food pantry that distributed over forty-eight hundred food boxes in 2015.

Mission Outreach of NEA, Inc. celebrated it’s 30 Year Anniversary in 2012 and is dedicated to serving the indigent and impoverished population in our area well into the future. Please join us in our mission!

Mission Outreach was established in 1982 as simply a place where the indigent could sleep in a warm bed. Since then, it has grown in both capacity and services offered to become the leader in Housing the Homeless, Feeding the Hungry and Caring for the Sick in Northeast Arkansas.

Mission Outreach began as a vision of Melvin Robinson in 1981. Soon after, he identified a building to use for the purpose of housing the homeless. In late 1982, friends and colleagues of Melvin’s joined with him in erecting a building that still stands today as Mission Outreach. Over the year’s expansion
of the facility allowed Mission Outreach to provide shelter to many more individuals and provide services such as food, rent and utility assistance. The addition of a 2,400 square feet warehouse in 1998 provided much needed space for storage and cleared up room for new programs to be launched. Recently, the addition of two walk-in freezers and a walk-in cooler have benefited the food services program. Also, the addition of a learning center and conference room provides a space for residents to perform job searches, write resume’s, choose a book from our library and allows board meetings and other agency gatherings to take place on-site.

Mission Outreach has many opportunities available for you, your family, your friends or your small group to volunteer.  You can truly make the difference in lives of impoverished family’s in our community.